Retargeting vs Remarketing. What's the difference?

As we all know marketing funnel is one of the most important assets in anyone's online business. This exact process converts a stranger into a customer thus help e-shop owners turn a profit. However, if you want to improve your conversion rate as you see some potential there then retargeting is the right way to do it.

Monitoring your customer's behavior online and use special triggers to push them back to your site and make that purchase. Retargeting is an excellent way to improve your ROI (Return on Investment) but it's not done as easily as you might think. You'll need some guidance to keep you on the right track and not annoy your audience with repetitive banner ads or retargeting ads as they should be named in our case.

In this short guide we will take a closer look into retargeting ads, display ads, banner ads and what is retargeting in general.
96% of users who visit your website for the first time leave your website without buying anything and then you lose them forever. Unless you make them come back.
Most of us need to know the product before deciding to purchase it for personal usage and a great retargeting or remarketing campaign can help your potential customers think that way about your product as if they've used it all their lives. Display ads or Banner ads that are generated by Retargeting ads help you built visibility of your brand to the audience that already showed some interest in the product or service that you provide.

In addition, it's a lot more cost-efficient than other ways of advertising as you already posses a database of whom to target without a need to run additional marketing campaigns in order to bring results.
How Retargeting works
Retargeting can be done differently with all kinds of approaches, but it's most often refers to display ads or banner ads, which are targeted at users who have interacted with your website one way or another. Once a random user visits your website he clicks on a product or takes any other action that you want them to take, a cookie is set at his browser. This cookie holds certain data that can be used for future retargeting based on his interactions on the website. These banner ads are placed by third party services like Google Display Network allowing your display ads to appear on other sites that your potential customer usually visit.
At this point some of you may get confused as it is widely thought that remarketing is the same as retargeting and there's no difference whatsoever. Well yes…. but no. There are certain times where retargeting can be referred to as "remarketing" even though it's a totally separate thing. You can clearly see the difference with Google's Remarketing Tools which is a classic retargeting tool. Even though it may be a bit confusing but please keep in mind that retargeting and remarketing do share a common goal but not the same strategy.

In simple words, retargeting is about display ads or banner ads and remarketing is all about email campaigns that are able to re-engage with users that receive these emails. Tactics like emailing previous customers after they abandon their shopping cart or add an item to a wish list and abandon it. There are situations where you haven't used a shopping cart for some time, yet you do receive such emails as a history of you making certain actions online that usually lead to a conversion.
How Remarketing works
The process is pretty much identical to retargeting but it's also considered remarketing to follow up with a collected list of email addresses. You can use these emails both at retargeting with display ads and remarketing campaigns with targeted email campaigns to encourage follow-up actions.
How to Start?
Luckily today you don't need to hire a marketer for such efforts or learn retargeting for yourself as there are many online solutions built just for that and one of them is Meazy. It was created for newcomers that want fast results. All you need to do is create an account with Meazy and insert the given code upon registration into head section of your website. Once this process is complete Meazy will collect the data for you and suggest options how to retarget your customers. That's it!
Roman Pilipenko
Marketing manager of Meazy
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